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Hubs play a pivotal role in the Internet connectivity. For any network to work efficiently hubs are required. The onset of a number of new technological developments have ensured that networking system gets on improving. A great number of activities are nowadays performed through computers. Apart from storing and processing data computer networks are primarily used to transfer data. Thus varied types of concepts such as management information systems that utilize different types of networking systems have become such popular. In the sphere of peer to peer file sharing, the central hub plays a major role. Clients through the protocol of direct connect can facilitate the activities of file sharing among its peers. Usually the clients remain connected to a central hub that serves as a vast pool of information. Hexhub is one of the major hub softwares that is available at present.

Hubs are made in such a way that they help in the process of connectivity of the various clients. Hexhub serves the purpose of client connectivity and thus helps the users to download the required set of information from the other clients.

The centralized hubs have helped in the realization of a number of business activities that are carried throughout the world with the help of computer networkings. For instance such centralized systems can be easily seen in the various banks. The concept of core banking has been possible due to the introduction of the different types of computer networking systems.

Hubs have proved to be vital in the activities of file sharing. Through the hubs software, like Hexhub a large number of companies have got immense benefits. Hubs not only provides necessary information about the clients but also facilitates direct file transfer between two or more clients. It has been seen that different types of hub softwares used in networking with the motive of file transfer can help in reducing the time taken.

File transfers have become quite common among most of the big organizations that depend upon office automation and rely on centralized system. In most of the firms of information and technology the usage of varied categories of hubs have become quite popular. It is believed that in most of the cases the hubs have different arbitrary rules. Usually the users may have to register with the hubs. The users in such cases are provided with user authentication. Thus by using the authentication codes (they usually come in simple texts) an user can connect with the hub. Hexhub is one of the well known hubs software that has been utilized by many renowned companies.

An IOCP-based hub, the hubs software Hexhub can be used using the Windows operating system. Hexhub has been programmed in low level assembly language. Over the last few years Hexhub has become quite popular among all other file sharing hubs. Hexhub is also a web server that is equipped with anti flood protection. Hexhub also comes with built-in firewall that plays a major role in the process of filtering DDoS. There are a number commonly used DoS that are used against the hubs. Hexhub can even prevent the action of such DoS. Hexhub is also equipped with anti spam protection

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