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In the world of computers file sharing happens to be one of the most important activities that is often being used by a great number of business entities. Computer systems that are connected through varied types of networking softwares utilize centralized hubs that help in client connectivity. The clients with the intention of peer to peer file sharing connects to a particular hub. Thus the files that are required by a particular client from any other client can be easily downloaded. Hubs play a primary role of client connectivity and also induces direct peer top peer file transfer. A number of hub softwares are prevalent in the market that are being used by the top notch information and technology firms. Ptokax a world class brand has made significant name among the various hub softwares.

There are various type of hubs that are used in a networking system that can be even used to chat. The the user with the motive of chatting with other users can stay connected with the hubs. One thing has to be taken into consideration that direct connect protocol is required for peer to peer file transfer process.

A number of hub linking softwares are also available. The hub linking softwares enable the user to chat and share files as they are connected with various other hubs. Ptokax is a popular hub software that is primarily used for Windows.

Ptokax is actually a direct connect hub. Ptokax being a Win32 server application facilitates the process of peer to peer file sharing. Developed in the year 2002, Ptokax has earned huge reputation for being such unique in nature. Ptokax has gained wide acceptance from the clients for being simple in usage and for its remarkable performance. Ptokax is appraised for coming with innovative user interface. It is also known for being a highly stable software.

In the field of peer to peer file sharing the role of the various hub softwares can not be overlooked. It is believed that most of the large scale enterprises that depend upon the networking systems for file sharing use Ptokax as it can be relied upon. The process of direct connect network seems to have simplified by manifolds by the usage of Ptokax. The users as well as the enterprises have been benefited immensely by this hub software.

Ptokax have become much popular as it can provide better quality end user support. The features that are embedded in the software make Ptokax one of the best available hub softwares. The scripting based extending ability of the hub software makes it class apart from the others. Of late a wider appreciation from the various business entities have made Ptokax immensely popular in the IT world. As per the recent surveys made Ptokax is now being used by more than 1000 hub possessors located in different parts of the globe. The significance of hub softwares has been increasing at a very fast rate in the computer dominated industry as file sharing has become a comprehensive activity. It is believed that in the near future more advanced versions of hubs will be developed by the technologists.

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