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The term hub is used to denote the connection point between different devices which form an integral part of a network. There are different types of hubs which are used in the modern day world. The hubs are classified as passive, active and intelligent hubs. The different types of hubs in use include the likes of Network hub, USB hub, etc. The use of the hubs depend on the type of it. The hubs help in transporting, monitoring and reading data. What the readers would find here is the information on network hub and the different facets of the same.

What is a network hub?

Like most of the other types of hub, the network hub is the point of connection between devices of a network. The term concentrator is also used to denote a network hub. It is an integral networking component which serves the purpose of acting as a point of convergence of in a network. The connection point or the concentrator helps in the transfer of packets of data. For the proper and effective transfer of data, the network hub plays a critical role. The uses of a networking hub and the technical information about the same are given below.

Ethernet devices

The network hub is used for connecting the Ethernet devices. Once the Ethernet devices are connected by the use of networking hub, the devices are enabled to function like a single network. The Ethernet devices which are networked help in the detection of collision. That is one of the reason why the Ethernet devices are networked. The detection of collision is done by a single device which then relays the information to the other connected devices in the Ethernet system. The detection of a jam signal or collision is one of the critical functions which the networked Ethernet device serves.

Technical information on network hub

Once a collision is detected, the task of transmission of the signal of collision detection becomes important. That is done by the Ethernet device which has detected the collision. The signal is then transmitted to the other Ethernet devices which are connected to the same system. The system and functioning of the network hub is not too complicated or difficult to maintain. The benefit of the networked Ethernet devices lie in the fact that in the case of the non-networked devices there is every chance of the shared medium collapsing because of one malfunctioning device.

Uses of network hub

There are numerous purposes which the network hub serves. The benefits of the hubs over the switches are what makes the people prefer the former to the latter. There are certain limitations to the switches which make it inferior to the hubs. One of the drawbacks of the switches is the segmentation of the system. The segmentation is likely to hurt when packets have to be transmitted, since all the segments may not receive the packets. The network hub overcomes this problem.

The network hub is one of the important types of hub used by the people.

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