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Ethernet hubs

Before going into the details of an Ethernet hub, it is important to understand what a hub is. A hub is the term which denotes the point of connection between the various devices which form a network of a shared medium. The hub joins or binds the different devices which lead to the formation of a single network. A hub could be of various types, but the basic function of a hub, that of creating a single network, remains the same. The different types of hub include the likes of Ethernet hub, the Network hub and the USB hub. The features of theses hubs are different from one another. The details of Ethernet hubs are given below.

What is an Ethernet hub?

An Ethernet hub is also termed as repeaters. There are some common types of items used for the purpose of creating and maintaining a network and the Ethernet hubs happen to the be one of them. One of the most common purposes which an Ethernet hub serves is that of connecting the different segments of the LAN system. There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers in the world which offer the Ethernet hubs.

This makes it easy for the consumers.

History of Ethernet hubs

It was the engineer Robert Metcalfe who had invented the Ethernet hub. In the 1980s the deployment of the Ethernet hub began to take place. In the initial days, an Ethernet hub was capable of supporting only a theoretical maximum of 10 megabits per second data. But it did not take much time for the maximum theoretical rate to be increased. In a short span of time the maximum rate was raised to 100 megabits per second. The fastest of the Ethernet hubs now boast of a maximum rate of 1000 megabits per second.

Different features of an Ethernet hub

There are plenty of features of an Ethernet hub which the people need to be aware of. It is basically used in the LAN systems. Amongst the different types of hubs which are available, the Ethernet hub happens to be one of the most affordable and readily available. With the use of the Ethernet hubs, one could very easily connect the different segments of a LAN system. In a star shaped network, the Ethernet hub forms the center piece. An Ethernet hub converges and connects the network system to a single point.

Functions and other details

There are plenty of functions which an Ethernet hub performs. The primary function of the Ethernet hub is to connect the different cable segments. It also helps in transmitting the data to other devices which are part of the network system. Before the signals are transmitted to the other devices in the system, the Ethernet hubs also repeat it. The Ethernet hub could be manipulated to support the Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP. Different softwares are available for the same purpose.

The Ethernet hubs are one of the common forms of hubs available in the world.

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