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There are different types of hubs which are used in the modern day world. The primary function of a hub is to connect the different parts or segments of a system to form a complete network. The different parts are usually the devices which are used to receive, store and transmit signals. The hub enables the entire signal transmission network to function properly and without any break in communication. The different types of hub which is used in the formation of effective networks include the likes of USB hub and Ethernet hubs. The details of USB hub are given below for the readers to go through.

What is a USB hub?

The USB hubs are devices which help in the connection of various kinds of USB device to form a single network of the devices. The connection point is usually the USB on the host computer or it could also be another hub. In many of the cases, the hub is inbuilt into the computer system. Some of the devices where the hub is constructed include the likes of keyboards, monitors and printers. Of the 3 equipments mentioned, the keyboards are commonly used for the purpose of building the USB hub.

The layout of USB hubs

In the case the system happens to have numerous devices, you would be required to install more than one USB hub. Thus the use of multiple USB hubs is also quite common. For proper functioning of the hubs, it is necessary that the bus-powered hubs should be connected to others of the same kind in a series format. One of the problems which is encountered while handling the USB hub is that of close spacing. The problem of close spacing could lead to the blockage of some of the other hubs which are located adjacently.

There is an easy way of overcoming the problem of close spacing. The hub system could be arranged in a star format which would lead to the structural opening up of the system. In case the star based system is adopted, you would have to ensure that each of the ports point in a different direction. That would reduce the problem of closed spacing to a great extent. Each of the USB hub has an upstream port and numerous downstream ports. The upstream port connects it to the host whereas the downstream ports are used to connect it to other hubs or to devices.

Other details

The USB hub helps in connecting several devices or hubs together. The sharing hubs are used to perform the exact opposite task, that of connecting the different devices or hub to a single peripheral. The USB hubs help in maintaining a transparent system. The information or signal relayed through the hub reaches all units of the network. That is one of the useful features of the USB hub.

The USB hub is one of the popular types of hub available in the world.

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